• Sarah

Access Top Talents At ZERO Costs

We’ve just lowered the cost of recruiting exceptional engineering talent to literally zero. Our latest initiative is aimed at helping to match talented engineers with startups who are looking to scale their teams. With everything that’s happened the past few months, we thought that it would be a good way for us to help the community we’ve been a part of all these years. We can’t keep it free forever, though, so if you’re reading this early, you’re one of the lucky ones!

So, as we coach the talents on how to best position themselves in their job search, we want to give them the best chances to succeed. Which means that whether your engineering team just needs a new member or if you’re just a startup who desperately needs to onboard new talents, when we introduce you to one of the engineers in our academy, you can expect not to be charged a thing.

Alongside that little perk and access to our pool of over 3000 engineers, here are some other things you can expect as an Academy partner:

Complimentary Talent Matching

Since each intake for the Talent Academy is small, we won’t be able to promise the same pipelines we achieve with our recruitment solutions. However, since each company and talent would be matched based on both interest and relevance of skills, we can assure a higher quality of candidates compared to regular direct applications.

Pool of Local Talents

Our Talent Academy was created specifically to help out anyone who has been negatively affected by the current state of the economy. So most of our engineers are from companies like Grab and Gojek, whose positions were unfortunately made redundant. Not only would a significant number of them already be in Singapore, but they would have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to your teams.

Talents from varied Specialties

The recruitment arm of Breathe specializes in tech recruitment, so while the Talent Academy would mainly cater to tech talent, we also work with data scientists and product managers who may be looking for their latest career move.

Help from us to boost your acceptance rate

We’ll work with you and the engineers in our academy to manage expectations, and to help you successfully close your offers!


With the aim of helping the ecosystem, we’re not charging any companies who want to receive talents from our Academy. So we’ll take up the costs of helping you out for as long as the economy takes to recover.

Naturally, we can’t keep recruiting for free forever, so we’ll need to revert to our regular models eventually. For the time being however, reach out, and we’ll get you connected to some insanely talented engineers, no strings attached.