• Sarah

It's Not An Engineer's Market Anymore

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In pre-covid times, the tech recruitment landscape was essentially driven by the engineers. You’ve probably enjoyed the benefits of that, with the abundance of tech opportunities in Singapore and the scarcity of great engineers meaning that you guys called the shots.

The pandemic has drastically shifted the market, with the cards being handed over to the companies instead. What we’ve seen now is that they’re hiring at their own pace, focusing almost exclusively on their needs. What’s worse is they face almost no competition from others in the industry.

You get the picture - If you’re looking for a job now, it’s getting a lot harder to get noticed, and there’s a lot more competition out there. It’s gotten to the point where finding opportunities, getting the chance to speak to the hiring manager and (hopefully) securing an offer is close to mission impossible.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a program that puts engineers first again, where we focus on helping you to not only showcase your abilities, but also helping you to reach out directly to hiring managers and engineering directors to secure your next position. If you’re wondering how we’ll do that, read on!

CV Rewrite

Almost everyone already knows the best practices of CV writing by now. So to really stand out, you need to not only showcase what you can do, but show the companies what they want to see. Luckily, we’ve worked with a huge range of tech companies. So whether you’re looking to break into a sunrise industry or jump into a CTO role, we can help you get there.

Market Research

Everyone’s got a specific area they want to learn more about, be involved in or an industry they’re passionate about. Tell us which areas excite you the most, and where you’d want to be in the next 3 years. We’ll scour the market for you and find the best companies that’ll get you there the fastest.

Social Media Rebranding

You can bet that the hiring managers are looking you up on Linkedin. So ensuring that your linkedin is showcasing your knowledge and expertise on the platform is likely to go a long way to help your application. We’ll take it a step further, and develop your Github and StackOverflow profiles as well if you have it.

Targeted Job Applications

So you’re probably thinking, just apply online! It can’t be that hard. The thing is, an online application rarely gets noticed, so we’ll leverage our client community and help to introduce you to hiring managers, engineering directors and CTOs in your dream companies. If they’ve got positions open, your name would be on the top of the list. If they don’t we’ll do our best to make you sound so incredible that they’ll create one for you.

Interview Preparation

Tech interviews are some of the most complicated things ever, with an obscene number of rounds most of the time. We’ll coach you through all the rounds to ensure that you’re showcasing exactly what the company is looking for in their next team member. Plus, if you need it, we’ll go through practice rounds with you as well.

Since the technical test is one of the most important parts of the interview, we’d give you a tips on how to ace this section too. Not only does the Breathe team have experience in helping engineers and developers through their tech tests, but we’ve also helped clients to create their tests. So trust us when we say we know what the companies are looking for.

A complimentary hint for you? Sometimes the solution isn’t always the goal.

Offer Negotiation Consultation

Knowing when to just accept the offer and when there’s some wiggle room can be really hard sometimes, and most of us aren’t really sure how to navigate offer negotiations. We’ll give you advice on how much you can realistically push them to end up with a situation both parties are happy with.


So, whether you’ve just been laid off, decided to leave your job, or have been job hunting for a while now, our latest solution, that focuses on YOU rather than on our clients, is a definite way to push you way ahead of the competition

As you would expect, we’re only human too, and can only take on so much before we stop being very helpful. So we’re only able to offer this premium service for a select few. So be quick, and get in touch with us to secure your place in the program.