• Sarah

This Is How We'll Help You Build Your Unicorn

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Let’s face it - getting the right people in your team is ride or die for a startup, just ask any seasoned entrepreneur out there. But finding the right people to bring with you on your journey can sometimes feel harder than actually building that unicorn company, and take up time, effort and resources that could have been directed towards building your latest features, or finding your best lead yet.

The thing with sourcing for startup talent, is that the process is inherently different than recruitment for larger companies or global corporations. Reaching out to the right talent pool here is as important as nailing your target audience for your actual product. Finding someone who gels with the rest of your team, understands your product and is as passionate about the work you’re doing is crucial.

First, we get to know you. Then, we find you your team.

The first step of the Breathe Process is to sit down with your teams, until we’re as well versed in your company culture, offerings, processes and requirements as any employee there. That way, we're more likely to be able to connect you with talents who are not only capable of building the most amazing platforms and systems, but also people you'd enjpy celebrating with once the job's done! To date, our process has helped our clients to save up to 720 hours of interview time, and reduce first interview failure rate by up to 53%.


Since finding talent is going to be something that you’ll need to be doing constantly, we’ll take it a step further. In addition to ensuring you have a stable pipeline of candidates streaming in, we’ll also work with your teams to optimise your recruitment processes and teach you how to do what we’re doing yourself. So you’ll eventually be able to do everything in-house. Once you can do that, we’ll work with you to help you to develop your employer brand and talent retention initiatives, so your employees will never want to leave the office.

So if you’re ready to get moving on finding your unicorn team, get in touch with us today! Or, if you’re still a bit unsure, check out what people have been saying about us.

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