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Your Ultimate Guide To Slaying Your Next Technical Interview

We'll get through this together!

Okay, so we’ve got good news and some bad news. Good news: Congrats! The company loved your resume, so they’re calling you in for an interview. Bad news: Now you have to go for a grueling ‘last man standing’ style interview. With technical interviews testing not only your knowledge and skills, but your personality and soft skills as well, it’s no surprise they turn the most talented people into nervous gibbering wrecks. So, in hopes that we’ll have you walking into your next interview cool calm and composed, we’ve done up a whole series for you!

Keeping in mind that we’re starting from the beginning, if you’ve got a general idea of how tech interviews work, you may want to skip over to figure out how to ace your business interview or check out our technical interview survival guide

Now, since first impressions are the most important, onto question we get asked most often:

What Do I Wear?!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a foolproof uniform for you. But, it would be a good idea to do a bit of research into the company’s dress code, and use that as a guide. With startups usually having a pretty casual dress code though, it may be a good idea to dress up just a smidge, to avoid giving off a bedraggled impression.

If you were biting your nails earlier instead of paying attention, we’ll repeat it for you here: Tech interviews generally happen over two main stages - the business interview, and the technical interview.

The Business Interview

This stage would be more or less similar to your typical interview, you would have a conversation with the company, so the both of you can get to know a bit more about each other. What projects you have worked on, what experience you’ve gained, and what contribution you’d be able to make if the company hires you!. You’re likely to be meeting a combination of people here, from Product managers, through to HR professionals. The idea here is to assess you on everything, outside of your technical ability.

The Technical Interview

This is where things get serious(ly scary). Technical interviews are generally a way for your potential company to get an idea of your skillset, how you approach problems, and the breadth of your technical prowess. So most people head into the technical interview with an exam mindset.

While it’s worth it to brush up on some of your fundamentals before the interview, keep in mind that you’re not back in university for finals. Asking questions to clarify any doubt is completely fine, and speaking through your thought process is actually recommended since it gives your interviewers an idea of how you’re approaching the problem.

So, feel like you’re ready to tackle the interview yet? Before you go in, be sure to check out our tips for taking on the Business Interview and the Technical Interview for more tips!

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